Sustainable development

Sustainable development is the basis of Oil Resource business model

The company considers its sustainable development as a contribution to social development, striving to meet current needs without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

"Oil Resource Group" LLC follows the concept of sustainable development integrating ESG factors into its activities. Commitment to best practices in the field of Environmental, Social Responsibility and Governance forms the basis of the company's strategic priorities and is an integral part of its business strategy.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Company has identified five priority goals that it will contribute to in the course of its core business. The Company's current activities also include tasks that contribute to the achievement of the remaining UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Oil Resource Values

Our Team

We attract outstanding minds, providing comfortable conditions for their development and professional growth.

Technological effectiveness

We bring new technologies to Russia, develop infrastructure and manufacturing processes.

Economic development

By developing the oil industry, we contribute to the energy security and economic prosperity of the country.


Thanks to a well-developed network of partners, we provide high-quality services, transparent and reliable relationships and competitive prices.