ESG principles form an integral part of our corporate culture, strategy, technology and business processes. The main focuses of our strategy are reducing the carbon footprint, achieving operational leadership and improving overall efficiency.

The implementation of the company's strategy contributes to the achievement of the goals of the "Strategy for Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Federation with Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions until 2050", the Paris Climate Agreement as well as the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our company makes business sustainability a priority by providing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions supporting employee care and ensuring ethical and effective management.

The goal of Oil Resource is to create a better future.

We are focused on technological leadership, building a strong team, achieving leading positions in the global oil refining industry and sustainable development, ensuring high standards of occupational safety.

Oil and Gas Geologic Exploration


Oil & Gas Production

Oil and Gas Refining



Strategic Goals

Technology Company

We actively implement innovative developments and digital solutions, successfully adapt to market changes and provide modern solutions.

Strong team

We invest in attracting, professional development and comfortable working conditions for highly qualified employees.

Global leadership in oil refining

We maintain and strengthen our leading position in the market through high technological standards, efficient manufacturing and innovative approaches to development.

Sustainable development and impact assessment

We follow high standards of corporate governance and sustainable development. Occupational safety and industrial safety is our priority


We care about what's going on around us.

Oil Resource supports regional and interregional initiatives, charity and social projects, develops corporate volunteerism, promotes the development of entrepreneurship, eco-education.