Our History

We started as a trading company focusing on the markets for petroleum products. Today we offer in-demand products using modern technologies and invest in social infrastructure to improve the quality of life.

We are focused on technological leadership, building a strong team, achieving leading positions in the global oil refining industry and sustainable development, ensuring high standards of occupational safety.

We have been actively growing and developing for 10 years now

We started our activity as a trading company specializing in the sale of petroleum products.

We have expanded our business starting with the trade in petroleum products and the sale of various oil-related products.

We have introduced modern technologies into oil extraction and production.

Today, we continue manufacturing in-demand products while paying attention to sustainability, environment and social development in the regions where we operate.

We analyze the existing oil refining technologies in our country and the world for long-term development

Revenue Growth Dynamics

0,1 billion
3,3 thousand tons
0,6 billion
35,6 thousand tons
1.7 billion
38,8 thousand tons
3,4 billion
76,7 thousand tons
8,7 billion
193,4 thousand tons
14,8 billion
281,2 thousand tons
10,6 billion
237,5 thousand tons
10,2 billion
302 thousand tons
8,3 billion
242 thousand tons
10,4 billion
320 thousand tons


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