Russian Vertically Integrated Company Oil Resource

Oil Resource — is a dynamically developing company in the oil and gas industry

We produce high-demand products and use advanced technologies to create new opportunities, invest in social infrastructure improving people's life quality.

We are an independent, strong and stable company, ready for challenges and focused on long-term and mutually beneficial partnership.


years in the oil and gas market


reliable partners among
Russian refineries


thousand tons of delivered
products in 2023

Transparency and a high level of trust

Oil Resource establishes open and trusting relationships with clients and partners, carries out internal audits to ensure effective governance.

We are building a business for the country

We strive for global impact through increasing oil extraction, strengthening the logistics network and introducing innovations — we do not just follow trends but create them.

Oil and Gas Geologic Exploration


Oil Extraction

Gas Extraction

Petrochemical Refining

We have been actively growing and developing for 10 years now

We started our activity as a trading company specializing in the sale of petroleum products.

We have expanded our business by starting not only trading in petroleum products but also engaged in the extraction, refining and manufacture of various oil-related products.

We have introduced modern technologies into oil extraction and production.

Today, we continue manufacturing in-demand products while paying attention to sustainability, environment and social development in the regions where we operate.

We analyze the existing oil refining technologies in our country and the world for long-term development.

Oil Resource Values

Our Team

We attract outstanding minds, providing comfortable conditions for their development and professional growth.

Technological effectiveness

We bring new technologies to Russia, develop infrastructure and manufacturing processes.

Economic development

By developing the oil industry, we contribute to the energy security and economic prosperity of the country.


Thanks to a well-developed network of partners, we provide high-quality services, transparent and reliable relationships and competitive prices.


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