In December 2023, Oil Resourсe updated its corporate identity

The large-scale rebranding of Oil Resource was the result of comprehensive work to update the company's image and visual identification, aimed at increasing brand awareness and strengthening its leading position in the market.
The changes affected the logo, color palette, typography and design of the official website.

In December 2023, Oil Resourсe updated its corporate identity

The new Oil Resourсe corporate logo built on the principle of the golden section has acquired greater masculinity, powerful potential and energy compared to the previous logo with an element in the form of a green drop having a more feminine shape. At the same time, the new visual concept will preserve the continuity and brand awareness

Based on simplicity of forms and symbolism, the logo consists of several semantic layers. The key logo color is yellow — the color of gold which has been associated with frozen sunlight and flames of fire since ancient times.

Square and rectangular shapes symbolize strength, constancy and stability, straight lines pointing upwards — professionalism, aspiration, strength and efficiency, rounded smooth shapes — comfort, unity, safety, friendliness.

The logo contains the numbers three, four and seven.
The three is a "sky" number symbolizing the spiritual sphere, multiplicity, strength, renewal, growth, forward movement, unity. Three is the soul, four is the body. In total, three and four give seven, forming a seven.

Seven is the number of wisdom, mind and intelligence. The tree represents stability, growth and strength — the symbol of its trunk and crown can be seen on two white lines in the logo.

As part of the rebranding, new standards have been developed that will be used in the design of offices and special equipment as well as corporate identity carriers — company advertising materials and workwear for staff.

Today, Oil Resourсe proudly presents itself in an updated image, preserving the concept of quality, reliability and innovation, and is ready to accept new challenges.

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